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Make Your Marketing Relevant

Marketing is relevant when it engages people you want to reach and motivates them to become loyal customers.

Engage: vb. To draw into; involve in dialog. To attract and hold attention.

Engaging people means starting and perpetuating a dialog about what’s relevant in their lives. When the conversation is relevant, there is an opening for them to become your customers. Keep the dialog relevant over time, and you build customer loyalty. Loyal customers inspire their network of family and friends to dialog with you.

We develop marketing plans that engage people in your target market, motivate them to become customers and inspire them to become loyal. We analyze the value you offer, strategize the relevant way to message your value, and identify the most effective media for dialog. We support new businesses in their blast off to market, and help businesses with history hone their offering and message for the digital age.

Marketing Management

We can support you in developing an in-house marketing department and provide oversight management to that department. We can help recruit and train personnel, or groom current staff to take on marketing activities identified in the marketing plan.

Our Marketing Plan Process

  • We review: The service / products you offer and any history. Goals and objectives of your business plan, your charter, operations, goals for marketing, and your market goodwill and baggage. The result is an objective internal assessment.
  • We evaluate: The people you want to engage—the lifestyles, trends, influencers of current and potential customers, their go-to resources for information and decision-making. Other businesses or resources directly or indirectly vying for your customers. The result is an objective external assessment.
  • We synthesize: The findings of the internal and external assessments. The result is an objective assessment report of the opportunities and challenges affecting marketing. Often, the process reveals new lucrative service lines and opportunities for internal improvement.
  • We position you: For differentiation in the market. We identify a positioning, or sweet spot for enunciating your value.
  • We craft: An integrated and comprehensive plan of marketing communications, advertising and relationship building for engaging your target market and reaching your business goals.