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Tap Into Our Broad Experience With Everything Web Related

Create a Relevant Website

What we offer: Complete custom site development and hosting packages, search engine optimized. Ongoing site administration and maintenance.

A relevant website clearly conveys your value, cuts to the chase about what you offer and how to access it, and educates people to become better consumers of what you provide. Relevant sites stand out in the saturated internet, and enjoy high search engine status.

Your website is your most essential marketing communications tool—make it relevant.

We produce custom websites that engage your audience, and ensure site click-through and click-back to you again and again. Our sites are organized around hierarchies of messaging to enhance comprehension and ease of use, and to optimize search engine status. Always there is a strong call-to-action motivating your audience toward the behavior you desire.

Underlying our artistry in design, content and navigation is our foundation of pristine coding following the most current online standards. We optimize view-ability across all user devices—desktop to handheld.

Keep Your Site Relevant

Think of your site as a living organism that must be fed to thrive. We keep sites relevant by re-freshening the design, content and architecture and adding new customer engagement features. It is optimal to review your site objectively every year and to refresh at least semi-annually.

Expand Your Web Presence With Social Media

No matter the age, profession or location of your customers, they use social media for connecting with each other and the world around them. Relevant social media broadcasts content of value to customers, so valuable that they share it with their network of family and friends. Knowing what to say and how to say, and posting regular messages are essential.

We develop integrated social media packages based on what your customers want to know (and what you want to know about your customers). We write and post messages consistently and reinforce them by purposing content cross all your portals: web site blog, Face Book and Twitter sites. We help you track and respond to your followers, and create strategies for managing postings made about you on public sites.

Broadcast Digital Newsletters and Email Campaigns

Electronic publications like digital newsletters and focused e-blasts enable you to broadcast more substantial and targeted communications to your database of email subscribers, and to reach customers who are online but not social media followers. We create strategies for capturing and managing your email lists of subscribers. Design newsletter and e-blasts around your identity, and integrate content and distribution with your social media and other advertising. Our newsletters and e-blasts can be also be formatted into digital print files giving you a print marketing piece to use for events or in your operations.

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Add-On Services:

  • Custom landing pages and mini sites-within-site to support specific products and campaigns.
  • Customer and patient protected links to secured interactive portals.
  • Online advertising to optimize your search engine status and drive viewers to your site—and keep them there.
  • Streaming video and audio imbedded in your site. Can also re-purpose to public video sites, like YouTube.
  • Custom photography packages to create your own image library. Our team includes outstanding photographers.